Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Pooder Potter

Yes, I've got my very own Pooder Potter! AJ pooped in the potty for the very first time today. I AM SUCH A PROUD MOMMA!

Ms. Saundra has been working on potty training him for a few months, and pees pretty regularly now. But today, I got the FABO news about the poop! Who knew poops would be this exciting?

On a frustrating note, AJ will not pee in the potty for us at all! We've been putting him on the potty for about a month, at first he was just screaming at us. Now, he will sit, bare butt, but that's all the progress we've gotten in a month. No pee, no poop.

And not to diminish his new found pooping AT ALL, but he's pooped in the tub for every bath for the last 3 weeks! :


  1. What an early BDay gift. No more poopy diapers

  2. I remember it as "pooter potter" and we called you both of you guys poot. (LOL)