Friday, February 5, 2010



Who knew they could be so bothersome! After AJ's 5th ear infection this winter, we were FINALLY given a referral to a pediatric ENT. Our appointment was today, AJ was a DOLL, and we left with a surgical appointment to put tubes in his ears (Tympanostomy Tubes) Scary, a little bit. But his ear infections are so disruptive to his life, and to ours (not to mention painful for AJ!!), that I think it's our best option. It's a minor, outpatient procedure. He'll go in, get some general anethesia (gas, no IV), the actual "operation" takes 6 minutes. They say we should be there 3 hours MAX, and one of those hours is paperwork and prepping.

26 February. No time yet, will find out the Monday previous to.