Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Birthday to Us!

Today AJ and I celebrated "our" birthday. We celebrated the day he was born, a beautiful son; and we celebrated the day I was born, or better put, reborn, as his mother. We're 2 now, him and I, and boy what 2 years we've had!

We're constantly reminded that out of troubles and strife, we shall triumph. We've scraped our knees, and cried a few tears, but we're bigger and stronger, and can withstand, and stand tall.

We've learned that nothing worth having is easy. We've learned patience (well, sort of), and words, feelings, we've learned to depend on each other, and to depend on ourselves. We're learning humility, and pride, consideration, we're learning to share, and to give from the bottom of our hearts. We've learned that nothing is more precious than our family, that holding hands and baby boy kisses are the best things in the world. We're learning to live! And to LOVE!

So happy birthday to us! Happy birthday to my beautiful son, my smart, funny, handsome, boisterous, pensive, thoughtful, loving son! And happy birth day to me! Let us celebrate each of our days together with the same love that shone in my eyes the first time we met, that day 2 years ago, the day we were born.

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  1. I remember that day too. It is illuminated by the word revenant