Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Momma's Big Boy!

AJ had his check up Friday, he HATES going to the doctor!! He was great in the waiting room, all chatty and waving to all the other patients (OH and licking the divider between the sick and well patient rooms--hopefully he didn't lick the germy side!)

Soon as we walked through the door to the exam rooms, he FLIPPED! This was our first trip to the new office (same doctors, new office). Screaming, flopping on the floor, drama queen FLIPPED! They measured him like a big boy though, and he rather liked the scale.

And then the doctor did her big exam, checked his reflexs, asked about his language ability, physical ability. AJ is such a ham, he started showing off for the doctor, break dancing, doing rolls on the floor. The doctor was actually pretty impressed by his physical abilities and motor skills--said his motor skills are those of a 4 year old. And with a 75+ word vocab, he's completely caught up verbally [thank you Ms. Saundra!!] and is actually considered ahead even though he still babbles ALOT. He's so cute, he lets the HUGE ROLLING BURBS, and then says SCUSEME in this little angel voice...

SO, without further ado, my baby is 30 lbs., and 34 1/2 inches TALL (not long anymore, since he gets measured standing up!) What a big boy, Momma is so proud!

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