Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Bottle Fairy

She's cousin to the tooth fairy-but she takes the un-needed bottles and gives to BABIES who need them, because big boy's don't need them anymore. And because of your generousity, she leaves you a gift...

She's also cousin to BINKY (pacifier) fairy...

So, guess who's coming to our house tonight?? AJ's been without a bottle for a week straight, and told me last night that he doesn't need them anymore, that he's a big boy. He said bottle fairy should, and I quote "TAKE BOTTLES AND BRING HIM COOOOOOOL TOY!" and so she shall!


  1. Its wonderful that the bottle fairy is coming to your house!
    You know that her great aunt, the diaper fairy, often follows closely on her heels.

  2. And, did you know that deaths horse is named Binky? Thank you Terry Pratchette.